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The Unicorn Tradition is an eclectic one, rooted in a family tradition through which our founders, Lady Galadriel and Lord Athanor, received their training and Initiations.

Goddess and God are honored as essential to the sacred dance we call life, and as emanations of the One Source from which the universe is created. We are a working and teaching tradition which celebrates the eight Sabbats (solar festivals), the New Moons, and the Full Moons. We are an initiatory mystery tradition, with a five level, three degree system of training and attainment. Common beliefs and practices unite our family, so that no individual trained in one branch of the Unicorn Tradition should ever feel a stranger among those other branches.

As you explore our home on the web, you will get a sense of who we are. You will find information about our founders and some of the core teachings that unite us. You’ll get to know our Elders, Priests and Priestesses as well as connect with the groups that practice our lineage. Writings by our members can be found in the library and portals to interesting information can be found in links and recommended reading.

What makes us different?

Many things, of course! But there are some practices that we have that set us apart from the many other traditions of Wicca.

First, the Sabbats are calculated astrologically, rather than by using fixed calendar dates. This ensures that the festival is celebrated at the time based on the Sun’s progression through the zodiac. This information can be found in any ephemeris and most astrological calendars. Thus, for instance, we recognize Samhain as occurring when the Sun is in 15 degrees of the sign of Scorpio, which in 2006 happens on November 8th. 

Second, in order for our sacred space to accurately reflect the Wheel of the Year and to make it more balanced, we have a system of elemental correspondences where the direction of East is ruled by the element of Earth, while North is ruled by Air.  South is ruled by Fire, and West by Water as is common in most other Wiccan groups. 

Third, we believe that a tool cannot represent an element if it can be destroyed by that element. Therefore, the four main elemental tools are as such: Earth- pentacle, Fire- sword/athame, Water- chalice, and Air- wand. 

For futher information on what makes us different, check out the Information section.

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